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15 brilliant ways helps make a small bedroom super-bad

Posted by Dobri on October 4, 2016
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The bedroom is a place for rest, and a place where we like to stay in our warm beds for a little bit longer in the mornings and relax in the evenings. You don’t have to have a lot of space to create that special atmosphere of coziness, because all you need is just a little imagination. Some simple tips can help make even the smallest room the best place in the house!

We at EP would like to offer you some ideas that will help make your small bedroom super-comfy.

Pillows and plaid

Bright pillows and colorful plaid designs will liven up any room, and they don’t take up too much space. Plus, you can change the interior as many times as you want just by using different colored pillowcases.

Comfy bed linen

Good quality cotton or flax bed linen will make your bedroom even more lovely and nice. You don’t have to choose something white, as dark shades such as eggplant or amethyst are really popular right now. But dark colors are more practical.

Built-in lighting

Built-in lamps will create a cozy atmosphere and will fit perfectly into a small space. They also give you more space to store your things on the shelves.

A beautiful painting

A bright picture will give a colorful and interesting accent to your small bedroom and create a feeling of homely warmth.

Big windows

If it’s possible to increase the size of the window openings, then go for it. Big windows will vastly increase the size of the room visually by bringing more natural light into it. What could be better?


Mirrors can also increase the size of a room visually and serve as an elegant decoration for built-in cabinets and shelves.

Bedside tables and shelves

It’s better to choose small bedside tables and combine them with mirrors and picture frames. That way you’ll get a simple yet functional place for storing all your little things.

Pay attention to color

Bright pieces will liven up the room and make it even more interesting. Just don’t forget the main thing — pick simple colors and things to match the interior.


Lightweight built-in shelves for books, pictures, and souvenirs will allow you to fully make use of the room, becoming a simple but pleasant decoration. It will also be more convenient to find a book for bedtime reading!


Roll-up window blinds or small curtains that match the color of the walls will be perfect for a small room. They’ll help change the lighting depending on your mood, and will look very elegant.

Cozy headboard

A headboard can not only be a convenient shelf for knick knacks and books, but it can also be a really unique decoration. To create an unusual adornment, just use fairy lights and a lightweight fabric.

Wallpaper with a pattern

A bright pattern on one of the walls will liven up the room immediately and will get rid of that sense of narrowness that often pervades small bedrooms.

Decorations and pictures

Several properly selected pictures, mirrors, and decorations will add a zing to the room and reveal the personality of the room’s owner.

A small canopy

It’s so lovely to have a cup of hot chocolate and read a favorite book under an elegant and beautiful canopy!

Open wardrobes

Wardrobes with open shelves and clothes rails will create a feeling of lightness, and different boxes that match the decor of the room will help keep everything in order.