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Ten fantastic tricks to enlarge a small apartment

Posted by Dobri on September 2, 2016
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It’s not easy to furnish and decorate a compact apartment in such a way as to make it comfortable, neat, and roomy. But designers are constantly in search of solutions that can help you organize your space in the most efficient way.

Bright Side presents some great ideas for furnishing small rooms that you can easily put into practice.

A decorative partition wall

When you need to create functional areas within a room, the most important thing is not to encumber it. A light partition wall can definitely help you: it will separate the bedroom from the living room without diminishing the room’s visual appeal. Such a decorative wall makes your apartment look nice and light.

You definitely need a dining room!

Many people are afraid of creating a dining zone in a small kitchen. It seems that a dining room will take up a lot of space, but it’s very easy to separate it even in the smallest apartment. What you will need is a compact round table and a little sofa that you can set against the wall. It’s also convenient to have a couple of folding chairs in your apartment.

White furniture

The color white can make up for some of the flaws of your space and visually enlarge it. That’s why designers strongly recommend light-colored furniture and cupboards with white (even glossy) doors. Add some bright-colored accents to make your room look stylish.

Adjustable lighting

There should be lots of lighting in small rooms to make it cozy and visually larger. Look for a convenient chandelier that can be easily adjusted to different positions. But a chandelier is not enough for the room, so add some more lamps for the end or bedside tables, ceiling lights, and wall brackets.

Small tiles

Design the kitchen walls with small tiles to enlarge the space. Besides, small tiles look much more stylish than large ones.

Smart camouflage

The most difficult problem designers come across is how to mask the bed. Here is a great idea that will work best if you have a recess in your room. For making such a sleeping zone, you will need a curtain and several crossbars to hang it.

A bookcase will also work

You can divide your room into two spaces using a bookcase or shelving. It’s not only creative, but it is an incredibly convenient way of dividing a space.

Ceiling racks

It’s a good idea to use the ceiling to store different things. Hang some overhead racks that are simple to access from any angle.

Useful shelving

The best small space solution is shelving. It occupies less space than a traditional cabinet, but it’s not less capacious. If you set it against the wall it won’t diminish the space at all.

Creative design for a small bathroom

Small rooms always need creative and ingenious solutions. It’s especially necessary for small bathrooms. Look for bathroom equipment that will fit the size of your bathroom. Don’t forget about a useful cabinet that can be set under the sink.

Adapted from: novate
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