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Your goal is to sell your property at the best price in the shortest possible time. Trust the professionals – we passed on the way to profitable sale tens of thousands of times!


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We are the company that will achieve your goals. With our experts of consultants your property will reach instantly to anywhere in the country and aboard. Over 4000 online consultant and their clients-buyers in Bulgaria will realize the benefits of your property.

We know the market, because with us property sales occur daily. We respect the work process that ensures quality service to our customers, vendors and achieve the best conditions for the sale of their property.

 Engage trusted advisor on real estate by signing a contract with us. This will ensure that your interests will be protected from unscrupulous interests.



View and professional assessment of the property with the help of your consultant.

To be accurate, precise and efficient work of our consultants need to do a thorough inspection and assessment of the property.

FREE preparation of Comparative market analysis for their clients from which we will learn what price levels of securities transactions in the region, what is the supply and demand.

We at ELEKRA PROPERTIES dealt every day and only we have up to date information on the actual market situation, supply and demand in the area of your property.

Your agent from ELEKRA-PROPERTIES will introduce you to the real estate market in your area to be able to sign the most lucrative deal. We know in detail the market and know how to approach the different types of areas, homes and history of the property.

During the inspection, the consultant will give full guidance on determining the market value of the property and how to make it more attractive.

Your agent will assist you in the preparation and procurement of all necessary documents for the successful sale of the property.


internet-marketing-imagePromotion and advertising of the property, free viewings with potential buyers.

The property will be registered  for FREE into our website and automatically it in leading property portals.
Immediately on your property you will learn more than 4000 colleagues from Bulgaria and thousands more of our partners aboard.


             The sale of your property will receive guaranteed huge publicity.

    Information on your property will be distributed among consultants from other real estate.

    The property will be presented to all  ELEKRA PROPERTIES customers.

    The property will be presented to all  ELEKRA PROPERTIES customers.

Your agent will arrange visits with buyers in convenient time for you.

If you’re at home, greet shoppers come to view your property and leave the selling to us.

If you’re not home, leave the keys of your property consultant and warn the neighbors.



For you it is important to know what the feedback from viewings on your property, what the competitive offers in the region and how to analyze their positions on the seller.

Your consultant from ELEKRA PROPERTIES AGENCY will:

 Stay in touch with you regularly and will report on the process of working on the sale of your property.

 Monitor market activity and will inform you of transactions property, close in to your parameters.

 Analyze with you the market situation, while it will update the terms and price.

 Advise when is the best time to sell.

 Held talks with potential buyers in order to achieve the most favorable conditions for you.

Preparing documentation for successful deal and signing the preliminary contract.

Your interests are our priority. After selecting a property to buy,


 Leads meetings between the two countries during the tough negotiations..

 Check correctness of all necessary documents for the successful completion of the transaction.

 Will draw up a contract of sale of your chosen property.

Part of the process of buying property is signing the preliminary contract of sale. This contract will be drawn up by lawyers  according to the specification of your chosen property, it will be re-verify the documents of ownership of the property.

By signing the contract for pre-purchase a property, you are obliged to pay a deposit that guarantees your desire to purchase the property.

When signing the preliminary contract sets a date for signing the final contract and deed before a notary, which will make the owner of the desired property.


Signing the final contract of sale of the property and the deal is finalized successfully.

Your agent will schedule an appointment with a notary to sign a final contract notary (deed). By signing the final contract for the acquisition of the property and pay the remainder of the property value (remaining after deduction of the deposit of the property value).
Successful you purchase a property will be a priority for our lawyers to finalize the deal. Our colleagues are top professionals in real estate and familiar with any changes in the laws and documentation should prepare countries to recognize the deal. We guarantee you that they will thoroughly examine the documentation to protect the interests of your property!

Your consultant will prepare a meeting for delivery of keys to the property, which is the final step of a successful deal.