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Process of Buying

The procedure for acquiring ownership of the property passed through several stages described briefly below:
Once the property has been selected to pay Reservation deposit of 1000-2000 Euros (depending on the total purchase and sales price of the chosen property) to keep the property and is not available to other buyers.
Our lawyers examine the overall documentation of the property and draw up a preliminary contract. At the time of signing the first installment is paid, usually amounting to 10-30% of the value of the property / this percentage varies depending on the degree of completion – Is the property built or under construction /.
Once fully implement the payment of all contributions in respect of the property shall proceed to carry out the notarization on the new owner by Deed issue. When the purchase of the property is performed on stage “construction”, the deed is issued on completion or by mutual agreement between the parties.

Preliminary contract

Preliminary agreement for sale and purchase of the property constitutes an agreement between Seller and Buyer. The contract contains the basic elements of the final contract / data for sellers and buyers, property details, price, terms, etc. /.
The preliminary contract of sale does not transfer ownership to it only certifies commitment zavbadeshte obligation to conclude a final contract – Deed, which transfers ownership. The preliminary contract must be drawn up in writing. Upon signing the contract the buyer pays the seller a deposit amounting to 10% of the property value.

Notary deed

Deed / proof of ownership and transfer ownership / be accompanied by a notary in whose district the property is located. Once signed by Seller and Buyer, and after verification of signatures, the notary deed present in the Property Registry Office for the Registry Agency. Recordation judge shall amend the circumstances of the lot of property in the State Register. Before the deal, the notary is proof of no loading of the property with liens / encumbrances certificate /.
At the time of sale the seller must have:
1. Document ownership / notary deed or other document evidencing ownership /;
2. Passport, identity card;
3. Tax valuation of the property;
4. Sketch / if the transaction is subject to land – plot /;
5. Scheme / if the transaction is subject to a building or building site in private /;
6. Certificate of inheritance, power of attorney and more., Depending on the case.



Summary information on main taxes and fees relating to the notary transfer of ownership of real estate …

Local tax, notary and legal fees

In Bulgaria, the common practice is transaction costs of buying and selling property to be borne by the buyer. Of course there are exceptions and it depends on the conditions that both sides will agree. Our role as an intermediary is to offer options and the most appropriate solution.

Local tax

Local tax depends on whether it is sale and purchase or donation, and the municipality in which the property is located. Each real estate deal, according to the Law on Local Taxes and fees are subject to tax. This tax amounts to 2% – 3% of the purchase price of the property subject to the transaction and is calculated by the notary involved in a specific transaction.

Notary fees

The notary fees are calculated in Table notary fees, according to the Notary.

Registration fee – 0.1%

The fee is paid to the Registry Agency after certifying the notarial.

Value Added Tax or VAT

The VAT in Bulgaria is 20%. VAT registration subject to physical and legal entities made over 50,000 Levs turnover within one year, after which they are obliged to charge VAT on sales made.



Choice of professional real estate agency will save your time, nerves, and often money. It is often mistaken impression that buying a property through an agency is much more expensive than if you buy a property directly from the seller.
This not particularly so when one considers the risks of buying property directly from the seller – lack of information about the property and the process of buying, and if you remain dissatisfied buyer nowhere to turn for advice and assistance.
Professional real estate will help you both to find the right property for you from the many available in the market, but will also accompany you throughout the process until its acquisition will contribute to the mortgage if you need one, and many others activities that accompany the acquisition of property.
The best option is to inform you about the interesting property is visit them and see the person, not just presented in text and photographs them.

Personal appointments and visits with our consultant will give you very specialized and professional information and help you in making decisions about the purchase or rental of property.


What is the guarantee that I will not be cheated when buying a property?

Guarantees can give you only the reputation of the company. In Bulgaria there is no practice to issue licenses to operate on the sale of real estate, it is therefore necessary to consult lawyers
to check the condition of the transaction / on the property to no liens, ie in any case not save up consultation with a lawyer or work with a company that has a legal department and their service should not be charged extra.
What document proves that the property not mortgaged?
This is a certificate of no encumbrances, issued by the Registry Office for the Registry Agency. The notary is not required to verify the correctness of the transaction, it only certifies your identity and confirm their willingness to buy.
The fact that the apartment does not have weights can be checked via the Internet or in person to get a reference Property Register at the Registry Agency. This report will be updated at the time of the transaction.

How much it costs the shaping the deal?

Services in forming of the deal cost approximately 4-5% of the recorded deed in the price.

What percentage is paid to the real estate for their services?

In Bulgaria, each firm solves this issue alone. There is no legal framework that have to be paid and how much. Each agency is responsible for determining the value of your services.
As for the urban estate originally collected such as the amount depends on the type of property being purchased and is within 3%.

What should be paid besides the price?

Notary finalization of the transaction, the transfer of property from one owner to another or to several, under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria shall conduct notary at the location of the property.
You need to be prepared to bear additional costs in the amount of 4-5% of the value of the property recorded in the deed.
This amount will be included in the preparation of the Notary Act, state fees, notary services, and it will not be included subsequent declaration of the property, prepare a power of attorney and translation of documents or assistance of an interpreter if necessary.