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15 great ideas for creating the kitchen of your dreams

Posted by Dobri on September 16, 2016
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The kitchen is the heart of your home, and therefore we all want it to both look great and to be 100% comfortable as well as functional.

The good news it’s not as hard as it sounds to achieve this. Here are a few interesting ideas that will help you turn your kitchen into the most popular place in your home.

Ideas for the design of your kitchen

1. Use open shelves to store things

Cupboards with doors can reduce the space available in your kitchen. Open shelves, on the other hand, give a feeling of space and airiness.

2. Use light-coloured paint and furniture

Furniture and walls painted in light or pastel shades will create a feeling of greater space in your kitchen.

3. Add more light

The more light the better, but if you can’t increase the size of the windows, you can always just add a few more light fittings. It’s important to have a lot of light when preparing food.

4. Tricking your perceptions


Making clever use of vertical and horizontal lines can really help to add a sense of greater space to your kitchen. Vertical lines will make your kitchen look longer, and horizontal ones will add depth, making narrow spots seem a bit wider.

5. Use free space wisely

Every square meter in a small kitchen counts and should not be neglected. Use free space to arrange shelves in an effective and functional way, helping you to store more things.

6. Make use of removable table tops

It can be a great help to use a removable table top as an additional chopping board or area for food preparation. You can also use them for kitchen appliances, cutlery, spices and bread, so that you have more counter space.

7. Get more air

Cupboards with glass doors work on the same principle as open shelves in terms of giving the appearance of more space, but they have the additional advantage of preventing dust from accumulating on whatever you have stored in them. Moreover, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for if it’s behind a glass door rather than an opaque one — that way you’ll save time searching for things.

8. The art of distraction

Using an eye-catching design on a wall is a trick that will totally transform your kitchen, making it look larger, deeper and more open.

Making your kitchen more personal

1. Striped patterns

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One might be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing special about a striped pattern for the walls, but if you apply it with originality and in the right places, your kitchen will look brighter and more colourful.

2. Install a tall cupboard with lots of shelves

A cupboard like this is not just roomy and convenient; it requires little floor space and will be a nice fit for almost any interior.

3. Find something original

Why not redesign the stove in the style of a fireplace, for example?

4. New life for old things

Who said that everything in your kitchen has to have been made by a famous designer? Make your kitchen beautiful with your own hands. For example, you can make original lamp-shades from old crockery and other kitchen utensils.

5. Unusual hooks

Old rolling pins can be turned into excellent and reliable storage hooks which you can boast about to your friends.

6. Decorate the walls

Old serving trays can be turned into a spectacular wall decoration.

7. Use real flowers

Real plants can freshen up almost any room. The most important thing here is to choose ones that will be easy to maintain and keep tidy. Herbs, such as dill and parsley, will look fabulous in your kitchen.

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