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Posted by Dobri on October 4, 2016
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A studio apartment is like a complex business : it can only be put together if you put your mind to it. Here we offers you the simplest tips with stunning examples from those who have already coped with the difficult task of planning a small space.

1. Sliding wall partitions

Small spaces require clever solutions, and this is one of them. This sliding wall can hide part of your apartment from your guests when needed. When it’s folded, it doesn’t attract much attention. Isn’t it a nice thing?

2. Bright design

It’s not necessary to make your studio apartment nondescript by choosing only light colors.A blue floor, for example, is not as extreme a decision as it may appear at first sight.

3. Visually expanding the space

It’s proved that black-and-white stripes work magic, whether it’s flooring or a carpet. The standard tricks with colors and prints work not only for clothing but also for apartment design.

4. Additional space

A cold-proof balcony can easily become a separate room. You can make it either a working space or a dining area — it’s up to you.

5. Contrasting colors

Sometimes all you need to zone a studio apartment is a sudden color transition. The kitchen in this picture is seen as a separate zone, and the yellow wall is one of the key reasons.

6. Proper combinations

When it comes to small footage, we must be ready for non-standard solutions. For example, a workplace in a spacious kitchen. All we need is little details to make it look natural and match the style of the room.

7. Hidden advantages

If there’s no place for a working area or even for a kitchen, it’s time to think about a multifunctional system that combines both a kitchen area and a place for rest.

8. Remodeling

Smart planning can give you an extra room where you wouldn’t expect it, and it will also clearly zone the remaining area.

9. Shelves instead of walls

Some apartments don’t need remodeling. All you need to do is wisely choose furniture that allows you to divide a studio apartment into several zones without losing functionality.

10. Hall closet as a working place

It sounds like you’ll have to work in a dark closet, but actually it isn’t so. By getting rid of doors, adding some light, and designing every inch properly, you’ll get a quiet corner that doesn’t clutter up your apartment.

11. Zoning

Create separate zones by varying floor designs: it works even with tiny apartments. the wood and tile in the picture create a perfect match, singling out the kitchen as a separate area.

12. Sleeping area behind tulle

If you have a lovely nook where you can place your bed, its potential shouldn’t be lost. It’ll be less eye-catching if hidden behind a curtain or tulle. By the way, it can make your apartment look cozier.

13. Cozy niche

It’s impossible to create a full bedroom in a studio apartment, but that doesn’t mean we should deny ourselves such an important thing as comfortable sleep. A niche can become a wonderful sleeping area.

14. Queen bed

By raising your bed to a higher level you’ll get additional space to store your stuff. It can even replace a closet.

15. Compact bathroom

A bathroom isn’t necessarily destined to be cluttered and cramped. The proper choice of furnishings and colors can really work magic.

16. A whole set

Custom-made furniture can combine several functions and replace a couple of rooms in one fell swoop. This picture proves it: a living room, a bedroom, a closet — all in one.

17. Without walls

A studio apartment without walls isn’t always a challenge for your home and lifestyle. Sometimes it’s an advantage, and all you need is to use it to the full.