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Posted by Dobri on October 4, 2016
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The colder it gets outside, the more we catch ourselves thinking of various eye-pleasing renovations that will bring comfort to our home and won’t cost millions to accomplish.

Today, EP invites you to take a look at some of the most trendy house decorating options that will both lift your apartment’s interior design to new heights and won’t be a strain on your wallet!

1. Using old doors as trendy storage areas

Even the most mundane and redundant of things can gain a new royal status inside your home. For instance, old doors can be used as compact and eye-catching shelves. With a bit of creative planning, they can fit into an empty corner of the room and provide a fascinating counterpoint to more traditional furnishing.

2. Book page wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to experiment with wallpaper designs: the most unexpected of decisions can become the most successful.

3. A rug that’s sure to brighten your mood

Don’t underestimate the importance of adding bright details! By making such a rug you’ll both rid your wardrobe of a few unused items and create a truly uplifting piece of interior decoration. For further instructions, click here and here.

4. Adding a touch of magic to your flowerpots

Ordinary flowerpots are so boring! You can turn them into something much more unique. Simply arm yourself with some string, paint, and a positive mood! For more detailed advice, check out here and here.

5. Food trays to brighten the dullest of mornings

Food trays are usually not on the list of things most needed around the house. However, they can noticeably contribute to creating a comfortable environment. Whether to buy one or make one with your own hands — the choice is yours. But we strongly recommend that you check out these instructions for making truly incredible DIY masterpieces! You won’t find any of these designs in the shops!

6. A blanket that’ll keep you warm in any weather

Nothing beats a homemade woolen blanket for making your sense of happiness and comfort complete! We advise you to use chunky yarns. Very chunky yarns. So chunky that you’ll be able to knit them by hand without having to use knitting needles. You only have to invest minimal effort to achieve a truly stunning effect!

7. Say goodbye to those boring cork boards!

The space above your work area can be put to many practical uses, so it’s time to think about giving it a classy and unique makeover! With a bit of imagination, even the unpretentious junk stored in your garage can be turned into fascinating pieces of interior decoration.

8. Amazing pastel colored pillows

Such beautiful decorative pillows can add vibrancy to your living room. What’s more, you don’t have to spend money on buying this kind of item at trendy boutiques. All you need to succeed is a set of paints, some interestingly shaped foliage, and some easy-to-follow instructions that can be found here and here.

9. Diminutive writing desks

Even the smallest corner of your house can be used to create a perfect place for work and reflection. Use these recommendations to turn your dream of having a personal writing desk into reality!

10. Decorating shelves with rulers

Even the most mundane of shelves can be radically transformed by adding…a dozen rulers and a few hooks! A new word in shelf design!

11. We’ve never seen a clock like this before!

Unique DIY clocks will add individuality to any room in the house. The main thing is to come up with a design that’ll suit the rest of the interior.

12. Geometric shelves

Innovative wall-mounted shelves can add true style to your living environment. There’s no limit to the number of shapes and colors you can come up with — just make sure that they are creative and eye-catching.

13. Incredible linen baskets

Yet more proof of the fact that beautiful doesn’t have to mean expensive. By using materials available at the nearest shopping mall, you can create beautiful linen baskets that won’t look out of place in any part of the house.

14. Easy-to-make bed canopies

Contrary to what you might think, there’s nothing excessively difficult about making a stylish bed canopy. Rest assured: adding such an item to the furnishings will make your bedroom the most romantic place on earth! Click here and here to get detailed instructions.

15. A tea set to impress your guests

Even your old nail polish can come in very handy — it can be used to draw inimitable decorative patterns on plain white teacups. Following such a makeover, those cups are guaranteed to become your favorites!

16. A clothes rack that’ll bring you closer to nature

Pieces of dry branches placed inside an ordinary wooden frame can make for an inexpensive, practical, and imaginative coat rack. For further information, check out thispage.

17. A new look at curtains

It’s about time you changed your perception of blinds and curtains! During the autumn and winter season, your house needs something that won’t hinder the sunlight; something that’ll help you create a unique and comfortable environment.

18. A gorgeous lampshade with a hidden golden lining

A gold paint spray can is all you need to turn even the most boring of lampshades into an object of interior designer pride. You can find a helpful instruction by clicking on this page.

19. It’s all about background

You can’t have too many photos on your walls — it’s simply a matter of arranging them properly. If people say otherwise, don’t believe them! And don’t forget to listen to your inner voice — only by doing so will you be able to make your home truly comfortable and unique!

Preview photo credit Jennifer Jones / iheartorganizing