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15 ways to turn ordinary rope into a designer item

Posted by Dobri on September 16, 2016
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What is it about the Internet that we love? Simple — it’s the veritable ocean of original ideas it provides us with, many of which can help you turn something dull and ordinary into an exciting new object.

We  are convinced that filling your home with stylish things doesn’t have to be expensive. The following collection of ideas for turning rope into designer items is, we think, yet more evidence of our belief.

A coaster for the dining table

These beautiful coasters can be put together using just your hands. Check out the details on this blog.

Amusing pots for your office supplies

Your kids will love these cute little storage pots. Find out how to make them here.

A stylish laundry basket

Even a novice can transform an ordinary basket by following these instructions.

An elegant frame for your mirror

Find out how to give your mirror a makeover here.

An unusual fruit bowl

For all those who love unusual but beautiful things.

Children’s swings

Your kids will love this idea — and it won’t cost you a dime!

Stylish accessories

These bright and cheerful necklaces will fit perfectly into any summer wardrobe. Find out how to make them here.

A cozy lampshade

You’ll have no more broken lampshades if you make this. Find out how to do it here.

A cheerful rug

Read about how to make this really unusual rug right here.

A coffee table

Try out this masterclass if you want to make one of these stylish tables yourself.

A gorgeous hanging shelf

Find the instructions to make this one here.

Stylish flowerpots

You can totally transform ordinary flowerpots by following these instructions.

Rope storage baskets

This is the perfect solution for storing things and making your home look beautiful at the same time.

A comfy hammock

You can use even the most basic rope to make this comfy hammock.

Ottoman seats for the garden

They may look like designer items, but you can make these on your own by following these instructions.

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