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17 ideas that will turn your dresser into something completely new

Posted by Dobri on September 16, 2016
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Old furniture is often a headache. It looks annoying, it takes up too much space, and our plans to throw it out are as difficult to implement as going into space.

Now you will never have to be stressed by this problem again. Bright Side collected the most trendy ideas on how to transform your house using dressers, TV consoles, and desks.

A simple kitchen idea

Having taken the drawers out of granny’s old dresser and painted them the color you need, you’ll get all-purpose kitchen shelves. They’ll give zest to a Provence, country, or shabby chic design.

You can also easily turn the drawers into elegant and robust shelves for a living room

Here you can find some wonderful ideas on how to decorate the drawers from an old dresser to make them look very different — like a cork board, for example.

By attaching wheels to a drawer, you can get a great rolling table.

Who’d have thought that an old dresser can easily turn into a set of shelves?

Take some improvised materials, and your bedroom or living room will change beyond recognition, as you can see here.

Using pipes as legs, you can create an amazing shelf!

A dresser that can suddenly turn into a sofa

This idea’s extremely practical because on this couch you can do more than just relax — you can store different useful things like blankets and bedding.

Granny’s heritage can become a stylish armchair

If you love ideas for how to give life to old vintage furniture, click here.

Drawers are perfect for storing trifles

You can easily pull them from under the bed if you attach wheels. You can store both your clothes and accessories, depending on the drawers’ sizes.

Drawer knobs as exquisite hooks

If you attach the knobs inside the drawers, as shown here, you can easily display your bracelets and rings.

And here’s an idea on how colorful drawer knobs can replace the hooks in a hall.

A drawer can become a bathroom shelf

It’s important to paint the future shelf thoroughly, and cover the inner back part with waterproof or self-adhesive wallpaper.

Just one drawer can become a brilliant ottoman for a country house

If you attach high legs, you’ll get a soft and comfortable chair.

A new place for your furry friend

Looking for an elegant place for your favorite pet? You’ve found it! The tutorial lies here.

Or maybe a whole house?

You can make a separate room for your pet out of a TV console and surprise your guests with a bright detail in your apartment’s design.

Here you can follow the transformation of an old secretaire desk into an exquisite cat’s bed.

An idea on where to hide your pet’s bowls

If you want to hide your pet’s food and bowls so that no one can see them, you can followthis advice.

Old drawers can become great flowerbeds

A drawer on legs looks creative and perfectly suits hanging flowers. Click here and find out how to create your own hanging gardens at home.